A Rental Checklist

rent house 300x300 A Rental ChecklistFor a multitude of reasons, a new school year, jobs, or just a change of scenery, renting a new place to live can be a more then stressful experience.

From signing a lease, knowing the breakdown of responsibilities between you and the landlord, and the procedures for ensuring the return of your security deposit, these are all things you should be familiar with when looking at a lease.

Following these simple steps can make the process a little less overwhelming.

  • The most important step is to read and understand the lease. A lease is a legally binding contract, so don’t allow yourself to feel pressured.  Ask all of your questions before signing.
  • After signing the lease, arrange a walk through with your landlord, complete a move-in report and take lots of pictures. Keep these items together in a safe place. This will help prevent you from being held responsible for any previous damages.
  • A few months before your lease is up, re-read your lease.  Speak to your landlord regarding either renewing your lease, or the correct procedures to notify them of your intent to move.
  • After cleaning and vacating the residence, arrange an additional walk through with the landlord, complete a move-out report, return keys, and again take lots of pictures, this will document the condition of the rental after you have moved.

Ohio law states that a deposit must be returned 30 days after keys have been returned. In addition, an explanation of any deductions must accompany any returned monies. For more information regarding landlord/tenant issues, contact Ohio Legal Services.

These few steps should help your move-in or out experience go a bit smoother.

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