$40 Tablet Sends Shock Waves Through the Industry

The Aakash2, the second installment of the low cost tablet from Indian manufacturer DataWind, arrived in the United States on Wednesday, reports Mashable.

Sunseet Singh Tuli, the CEO of DataWind, says that this tablet was not created to compete with the iPad, but was created as an option for those whose main focus is to receive an education, as the tablet was originally created to help combat the rampant illiteracy that plagues India.  The government of India has also agreed to subsidize half of the cost of this tablet, making it just $20 for students in India.

How can this product be so inexpensive? Well, much of the memory and processing power of the device is transferred to back-end servers and the parallel processing environment environment speeds the user experience in remote areas, as well as congested networks.  This tablet also eliminates some hardware, like HDMI and bluetooth that are expensive and not of any importance to their target market.

Other countries around the world have noticed the progress that DataWind has made and have begun research into making their own low cost tablets available for students in their own countries. DataWind plans to start selling their tablet in the United States in early 2013.

To read the full article, visit http://mashable.com/2012/11/29/aakash2-hands-on.

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