Trusting Search Results: Make the BBB Your Reliability Filter

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Whether you’re wondering about the resale value of your Honda, the best place to eat sushi in South Beach, or which local carpenters build custom cabinets, search engines are amazing tools to find answers. They can find a first edition of your favorite book or this season’s hot new toy for your toddler.

But once you have your search results, how do you verify them? Search engines depend on computer algorithms to rank results and assign relevancy and trustworthiness to websites. Even a large number of complaints will not alter search results (although most companies rework their algorithms several times a year). The situation is less ideal on sites that host subjective customer reviews, like, where bad reviews can stand, unaddressed, forever.

You can’t manipulate the Better Business Bureau.

The BBB Seal is a badge of honor, which is only accessible by BBB Accredited businesses who have passed the vetting process. Every year, accredited businesses are reviewed to ensure eligibility. It’s a trustworthy regulating agency ensuring a fair portrayal of your business.

BBB summarizes its standards in eight simple points. In seeking accreditation, businesses vow to:

  • Build Trust 
  • Advertise Honestly 
  • Tell the Truth 
  • Be Transparent 
  • Honor Promises 
  • Be Responsive 
  • Safeguard Privacy
  • Embody Integrity 

Customers doing business with a BBB Accredited business know these companies will treat them with fairness and honesty, deliver what they promise, and respond helpfully in the case of a problem.

Furthermore, they know that, if these expectations are not met, they can pursue the complaint and there will be repercussions if they are ultimately not satisfied. The BBB makes it easy for customers to report complaints and will revoke BBB Accreditation if violations are not addressed.

Uploading the BBB seal to your website is the best, fastest, and most direct way of sharing your commitment to integrity. As I mentioned in my last article, adding this seal to the website resulted in an immediately 5.2% increase in sales/conversion. While we need search engines like Google to help direct traffic to the site, we also depend on the BBB to communicate our legitimacy once people land there.

Business-to-consumer e-commerce sales are on the rise. By 2013, the projected number of Internet users should be about 3.5 billion—roughly half the people on the planet—and Internet sales will account for $1.25 trillion. Online businesses are an integral aspect of global commerce. Convenience is a huge factor in this evolution, but without trust and confidence, the model falters.

Better Business Bureau Accreditation is the only neutral organization of its kind, dedicated to helping consumers make the right choice. Are you approved?

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About Lance Trebesch

Lance Trebesch is the CEO of the BBB Accredited and Ticket River. He lives in Montana, serves on the Board of the BBB Serving Eastern Washington, North Idaho, and Montana, and loves building companies.