Those Who Serve & Protect Could Use Our Protection

military 300x225 Those Who Serve & Protect Could Use Our Protection

It’s not something we like to think about, but those who spend their livelihoods defending and protecting our country are often victims of scams.  The types of scams usually pertain to excessive interest rates on mortgages, car loans, real estate, and work from home gimmicks.  A good way to protect those serving is to provide them with resources that are there for their protection.  One such resource is the BBB Military Line®.

The BBB Military Line® is different from the general BBB, in that the information provided and services given are geared more towards those in the military and their families.  For instance, one might find information on programs aimed to reduce veteran unemployment or tax exemption status, while in combat.  This information might not be specifically referenced by BBB but is subcategorized under BBB Military Line®.

Other services provided are financial readiness workshops, speakers from the BBB, (who can educate on consumer-protection related subjects), dispute resolution, reports on businesses and charities, and lots of resources and news-worthy information.  To subscribe to “The Trusted Scout” e-Newsletter, sign up at You can also receive updates via Facebook and Twitter.  Don’t miss out on free information that is there to help protect and inform our revered military!

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