FTC Issues Challenge to Silence Rachel the Robocaller

robo call 150x150 FTC Issues Challenge to Silence Rachel the RobocallerYour days are numbered, Rachel of Card Holder Services. Wish I could say it’s been nice knowing you.  But it hasn’t been. You and your robocalling friends have called me a bazillion times too many. Turns out you’ve all been calling most everyone else just as often. We’re fed up and we’re not going to take it anymore.

And that includes the Federal Trade Commission, which has issued a $50,000 award  to anyone who can come up with a workable plan to block your illegal calls. The contest opens Oct. 25 with judging taking place Jan. 17. Winners will be announced in April.

The challenge from the FTC comes with rules. In a nutshell, the winning solution should block robocalls on both landlines and mobile phones. Judging criteria  will be based on: Does it work? Is it easy to use? Can it be rolled out?

The winning solution will not only win the cash, but opportunities for promotion, exposure and recognition by the FTC. Companies with more than 10 employees are eligible to compete for the FTC Technology Achievement Award sans the cash prize.

So Rachel, I hope you have a nice little nest egg built up. You’re gonna need it after some of the nation’s greatest minds devise a means to silence your calls.

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