Election Debates and Fact-Checking, and Their Relevance to Businesses

election buttons2 150x150 Election Debates and Fact Checking, and Their Relevance to Businesses The recent televised election debates teach us several lessons relating to the power of words, body language and facts.

The proper words in the right order can mean the difference between success and failure, body language speaks as loudly as words, and according to reporters who research these things, “facts” are open to interpretation and verification.

The application of these elements in business marketing and day to day operations is significant.  BBB Accredited Businesses, unlike their competitors, are bound by a promise to advertise honestly.  To gain consumers’ respect, claims must be factual.

With the intense competition in the marketplace and the ease of comparison shopping, no business can afford to alienate a consumer.  We must keep in mind that many consumers will check businesses’ claims on the Internet, with friends and references.

What about body language?  Experts remind us that we read subtle body language every day on an unconscious level and that the physical signals we send out are as important as the words we use.  Although we might be having a bad day, we have to keep a confident and friendly smile for the consumers who put their trust in us, our employees and products.

The bottom line is that a positive attitude, honest advertising and genuine interest in our customers’ needs are all important elements of running a business, as is the necessity to start with trust.   About that, there is no debate.

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About Howard Schwartz

Howard Schwartz, Executive Communications Director of Connecticut Better Business Bureau, is an award-winning former correspondent and anchorman, and media consultant for Fortune 500 companies. He specializes in issues involving consumers and the marketplace.