Auto-Deer Collision? Your Auto Insurance May Cover More Than You Think

As the weather gets colder and the fall season transitions into winter, the possibility of vehicle accidents heighten. More specifically, the chance of single-vehicle accidents increases. Such accidents may involve deer or other large animals, making it imperative to be mindful of what your auto insurance eninsurance claim large 150x150 Auto Deer Collision? Your Auto Insurance May Cover More Than You Thinktails.

Auto insurance can range in terms of what will or will not be covered in an accident, prompting Better Business Bureau to recommend that drivers look over their auto insurance policy, familiarizing themselves with any reimbursements or benefits they may be entitled to receive.

Comprehensive coverage is the only coverage that reimburses drivers for loss due to contact with animals such as birds or deer. Despite the confusion, drivers must be aware that collision coverage will not cover a collision with an animal.

After an accident, most auto insurance policies do not automatically cover the cost of a replacement rental car. Rather, drivers must have knowledge of whether or not they are entitled to such coverage, providing them with a replacement rental car until repairs are made to their damaged car, or if you are authorized by your insurance company to purchase a new car. Gap coverage, allowing drivers to discontinue payments on the balance owed on a totaled car, is also crucial to ensuring you are not still paying for a vehicle that is out of commission. All of these factors are important to remember in efforts to exercise the benefits that come with auto insurance.

Here are some tips recommended by BBB for those unsure of what their auto insurance covers:

1.   Report the damage as soon as possible.

 2.   Know what your deductible is and ask about any additional charges before authorizing work.

 3.   Ask about warranties on repairs.

 4.   Do business only with a reputable company.

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