Shysters Catch on to Party Bus Craze

Bus 150x150 Shysters Catch on to Party Bus CrazeLimos are still a popular choice for celebratory group travel but in the last few years, party busses have become all the rage. Unfortunately, when something gains popularity with the masses, the not-so-ethical take notice and always try to get a piece.

One party bus operator appears to be using company names like Denver’s Best Party Bus and others with slight variations. According to 9News, several University of Colorado students said this company left them stranded at Sports Authority Field after the Rocky Mountain Showdown against rival, Colorado State University.

Their school lost the big game and then their party bus didn’t show up. Definitely a bad day…

Things got strange when the CU students contacted the party bus company. “Dimitri” with the company told them: the bus broke down, they weren’t getting a refund, they should catch a cab and fax the company the cab receipt and they’ll get reimbursed. The students didn’t trust the reimbursement offer and demanded their money back. Dimitri refused because he said the students were threatening him.

Luckily, the students did not pay cash; they used a credit card instead and were able to cancel the charge. But they took the sad ride home on a plain-old RTD bus.

The BBB received a couple of complaints against Denver’s Best Party Bus during prom season but we have been unable to get an address for them or any contact information that we need to process the complaints. Those complaints also describe broke down busses and failure to show.

Another party bus company, Mile High Party has earned an F rating with the BBB and its most recent complaint names a “Dimitri” – interestingly enough. We do not have a Dimitri on file for the company so it’s possible that this party bus operator not only uses several business names, but personal names also to evade a bad reputation.

What do you think?

Have you ever had a bad experience with a party bus or limo company? Did they ruin your birthday, wedding, or game day?

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