Plugged-In Pedestrians Told to Look!

6291403425 7df288f735 150x150 Plugged In Pedestrians Told to Look!We’ve heard a lot about distracted drivers and how dangerous it is to be texting, eating, applying makeup, reading, talking on the phone, switching radio stations, and well, just about anything else but paying attention to the road.

Now New York City is sending a similar message to pedestrians who have forgotten to head the sage advice of “looking left and right before crossing the street.” To get plugged-in pedestrians back to paying attention, the city has stenciled “Look!” at 110 of the most dangerous pedestrian crossings in the metropolis.

“New Yorkers are driven to distraction with their smartphones, and the simple act of looking can prevent thousands of crashes and injuries every year,” said city NYC Department of Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan in an Associated Press article. She borrowed the idea from crosswalk signs in London that warn tourists to “Look Right” for traffic coming in a direction they may not expect.

Opinions are mixed when it comes to the effectiveness of the awareness campaign.

Should other municipalities follow suit to ensure pedestrian safety?

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