More Americans Commuting Together

The poor economy and higher gas prices have caused many consumers to say that they have had enough.  According to an article in USA Today, many workers are looking for different ways to commute to work rather than drive in on their own.  The share of workers driving to work alone dropped from 2010 to 2011 while the number of people commuting to work via public transportation has risen.  More than a third of metropolitan areas saw growth in the number of people commuting in groups from 2005 to 2011, and about two thirds of the metros saw more people using public steering wheel 150x150 More Americans Commuting Together

Earlier in the week, The American Public Transportation Association reported its sixth consecutive quarterly increase in ridership, with several small and large cities recording record ridership.

With interest in helping the environment is at an all time high, along with surging gas prices and employee incentives, it seems to be the perfect time for consumers to be group commuting and using public transit.

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