Happy National Coffee Day!

September 29 is National Coffee Day! In the U.S., 64 percent of adults drink at least a cup of Joe daily, according to the National Coffee Association.

Some historians say that coffee came to America with Captain John Smith when he founded the colony of Virginia, at Jamestown. Shortly after, in 1645, a coffee houscoffee large 150x150 Happy National Coffee Day!e opened in Italy, with Britain following 7 years later – and from then on, there was no stopping coffee, according to Examiner.com. Fast forward – today. Coffee is the number one drink in the United States and one of the healthiest.

So, how do you like your coffee? Free, I’d presume.

In honor of the day, participating stores are offering free and discounted coffee. Participating Dunkin Donuts, McDonald’s, Einstein Bros, Bagels, Noah’s Bagels, and 7-Elevens are offering up great deals. Check with your local retailers to find even more discounted deals for getting your caffeine fix!

To read the full article, visit www.examiner.com/article/national-coffee-day-drink-to-your-health-1.

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