Beware of Cell Phone Scams

Since its inception, the cell phone has made life considerably easier for millions of people.  The problem, however, is that the cell phone has also made it easier for scammers and con artists to reach consumers and take them for everything they have.

According to USA Today, here are some of the most popular cell phone scams around the country today:

women on phone large  150x150 Beware of Cell Phone Scams  A prison inmate calls from jail and tricks you into dialing a number that starts with *72.  The number *72 activates call forwarding, which gives control of your phone to the inmate, allowing them to rack up hundreds of long distance calls all to be paid by you.

Election Scam: The person on the other line asks you to take a voter survey, and at the end you will get a free cruise.  Once you complete the survey, the scammer asks for a debit or credit card number for the cruise’s port fees.

Utility Scam: The scammer at the other end of the line will tell you that President Obama has received special funding from the Federal Reserve Bank to help you pay your utility bills.  They will ask for your Social Security Number and then provide a fake bank routing number for you to pay your bill.

Granny Scam: The con artist on the other line pretends to a relative in dire need of help.  They tell you they need money right away and ask you to wire them money.

Text Meassage rip-off: You get a text message that says you have won a free gift card.  The text  provides a link that leads to a page where information is requested that can be used to steal your identity.  Mark Landesman, senior security analyst at Cloudmark, says that about 70% of spam text messages are financially motivated.  He says that in July, about 30 million messages were sent daily and the average for September will be about 45 million a day.

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