car11 300x225 BBB AUTO LINEMany are not aware, but BBB offers an excellent program to those who may have trouble with their new vehicles.  It’s called BBB AUTO LINE, a national program run by Council of Better Business Bureaus and free to consumers.  Founded in 1978, BBB AUTO LINE is the largest and most effective program available for auto warranty and lemon law concerns.   Through open communication between customers and vehicle manufacturers, BBB AUTO LINE assists in the quick resolution of these claims.  In fact, most cases can be resolved through telephone discussions facilitated by BBB staff.  Disputes not resolved may proceed to arbitration.  Should a case go to arbitration, the customer is not bound by the arbitrator’s decision; however, manufacturers have precommitted to be bound by the decision once accepted by the customer.

Look up your state’s Lemon Law and find out which manufacturers participate in BBB AUTO LINE.  If you’re experiencing a problem with your vehicle that hasn’t been resolved to your satisfaction, find out how BBB AUTO LINE can help.

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