Watch out for Scammers Posing as Political Pollsters

election buttons2 150x150 Watch out for Scammers Posing as Political PollstersLike a lot of you, we’ve already started to get a lot of political calls at home whether it be opinion polls or robo-calls promoting candidates or issues.  You may already know that political calls are exempt from the Do Not Call registry but now there’s a new twist.  According to BBB serving Metropolitan New York, a business called Political Opinions of America is transferring callers who participate in their political poll to operators who are then offering free cruises.

BBB offers these tips to avoid election campaign shakedowns:

  •  Legitimate polling companies will never offer prizes for participating in a telephone survey, nor ask for a credit card number.
  • If you’d like to give to a political campaign or charity, find contact information yourself and don’t give financial information to an unsolicited caller.
  • Requesting a callback number is no guarantee you will be connected with a legitimate campaign fundraising committee.
  • Call or visit candidates’ websites to get contact information to make a donation.

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