Resist the Temptation of New Facebook Spam Email

Addicted to Facebook status updates? Spammers are taking advantage of Facebook users’ desire to stay connected by sending fake alerts for “activity you may have missed on Facebook.”  Just don’t click the link!

How the Scam Works:fb 150x150 Resist the Temptation of New Facebook Spam Email

You receive an email that appears to come from a Facebook user’s personal email address alerting you to activity you missed on the social media site. In the below case, the email appears to come from Macie’s AOL email address. The sender may or may not be an actual Facebook friend.

The scammers do an excellent job of replicating Facebook’s colors, logo and language. However, hovering over the link will reveal that the real destination is a third party website … not

Some recipients noted that the emails link to websites selling prescription drugs, meaning they are annoying spam rather than a scam. However, always be cautious about clicking on links in fake emails because the destination website may download malware to scan for banking and other sensitive information on your computer.

For More Information:

See Facebook’s scam webpage for more information about the site’s most common frauds. And check BBB’s scam directory for other scams in your area.

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