Grocery Coupons – There’s an App for That

photo 150x150 Grocery Coupons   Theres an App for ThatI’m great about clipping coupons and not-so-great when it comes to using them, even those provided. So I’m thinking the grocery retailer I frequent on a regular basis had me in mind when a few weeks ago it introduced an app to allow me to quickly and easily download its coupons onto my store loyalty card.

At first downloading all those coupons was fun. But now it’s become work. I don’t dare leave for the store until I’ve checked if there are new coupons to be had. Yes, the store still offers coupons in print circulars, but then I’d be back to clipping, err tearing out the coupons and forgetting to use them.

And that’s what makes downloadable coupons ideal for me. Once I put forth the initial effort, I’m done.

I also find it fun that there are coupon specials designed just for me based on my unique purchasing habits. This means I might pay $2.77 for that case of bottled water while the customer behind me is paying $3.99. Ha! On the other hand, the customer in front might be paying less for that cut of sirloin. Oh well.

Now, if I could just remember what products I have coupons for. Yes, I know, I can make a print-out, but what fun would that be?

Are you a die-hard coupon clipper or have you converted to electronic coupons?

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