Eason HR Harvest International

BBB has been made aware of another mystery shopping check cashing scam.  This time it involves a business named Eason HR Harvest International.  The MO is similar to those we have seen in the past.  Consumers are asked to cash a counterfeit check, then secretly shop a money transfer business by wiring the funds they receive for the check to unknown persons.

BBB warns consumers to be suspicious of anyone that asks you to cash a check and wire funds.  In these types of scenarios the check is likely counterfeit and will eventually bounce.  The consumer who cashes the check will be held responsible for any money lost in the transaction.  BBB is unable to determine the persons responsible for the scam.

Eason HR Harvest International is similar to a business named Eason Horticultural Resources, located in Florence KY.  Eason Horticultural Resources is aware of the scam using a name similar to theirs, however, is not affiliated with the person(s) perpetrating this scam.


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