Apartment Rental Problems – Breaking the Cycle

The last thing you want, when you move into a new apartment, is to have to deal with repairs and problems with pests.  If you don’t do your home work though, before signing that lease, this could happen.  Before signing that paperwork, make sure that you thoroughly inspect the apartment.  Here is a check list of some things that you might want to consider, before agreeing to rent:  http://www.move.com/rentals/apartment-search-tips/apartment-inspection-checklist.aspx?source=web.

toilet 225x300 Apartment Rental Problems – Breaking the Cycle

It is recommended that you go over this list and maybe compare a couple or several properties.  What happens, a lot of times, is a tenant doesn’t think about what could go happen, they move in, and things go wrong!  Sometimes, stuff goes so wrong that it is regretted, having moved into the apartment in the first place.  Of course, a contract was signed so a tenant is bound for the duration of it, unless they want to pay the early out fee, which may be pretty significant.  Also, an assumption might have been made that the landlord would be “Johnny on the Spot” about making repairs, should anything go wrong, which isn’t always the case.  In fact, it isn’t a bad idea to talk to some of the residents, to find out what their experience is with the landlord and especially where maintenance issues and pest control is concerned.

Should you find that you are in a bad situation, that your apartment is a dive, and your landlord could care less about fixing your problems, familiarize yourself with your rights.  If there is a local “housing board or tenant union”, contact them for assistance and questions.  File a complaint with your Better Business Bureau.  If problems are bad enough, keep an incident log report with dates, times, and details about what is happening.  Talk with an attorney, if necessary.  The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development should be contacted, regarding discrimination concerns; a report can be filed online, as well.  You may wish to contact the police, if you feel threatened in any way.  Also, it is illegal for a landlord to turn off your utilities or to change your locks.  If you need repairs or pest problems resolved, make requests in writing and keep a copy for your records.  Follow up with the appropriate agencies, as necessary.  Make a report, if persistent problems.  Happy renting!

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