Yes, It’s True. You May Lose Internet on July 9th

Rumors that more than a half million people could lose Internet access on July 9th are true. Protect yourself by running a quick diagnostic test and, if your computer is affected, taking steps to fix it.internet 150x150 Yes, Its True. You May Lose Internet on July 9th

How the Scam Works:

Scammers in Estonia infected computers worldwide with malware that turned off virus updates and redirected consumers to fraudulent websites. When the FBI busted the scam ring last November, they set up clean servers to replace the ones running the scam. Victims have been redirected to those new servers ever since, usually without any knowledge they’d been infected in the first place.

The FBI will shut down its servers on July 9th, and anyone infected with the malware will lose Internet access. The FBI believes about 360,000 computers still are infected.

What to Do: 

  1. Check to see if your computer is infected with the virus by visiting the FBI’s DNS Charger Working Group website.
  2. If your computer is infected, this page provides instructions for removing the virus.

More Information:

For more information about scams across the US and Canada, see BBB’s online scam directory.

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