Watch Out for Traveling Companies… says Carol

Consulting with contractor Watch Out for Traveling Companies… says Carol

As the entire world knows, Colorado Springs had a huge wildfire. The good thing is firefighters and other first responders were able to save all but 347 homes. Granted, that is still a lot of pain.

As the city returns to normalcy, our attention turns to those who lost their homes or who will be displaced for months while smoke mitigation is done. The goal is to help these people not suffer any more.

Here‘s the concern. The fire disaster is bringing unknown businesses to this area! Some will not have good intentions. They may even pretend to be a company they are not. Do not be afraid to ask for identification, insurance and licensing as appropriate — and, of course, do your research on the company. USE LOCAL COMPANIES and check their ratings with your BBB at

Remember you do NOT pay upfront in full for your house or business to be cleaned or rebuilt. It’s not the usual practice to give deposits to any restoration firm or general contractor working on your business or residence until you have received payment from your insurance company. Deposits are generally 10 to 30 percent. Never give cash to anyone or write a check to a person rather than a business. The businesses you have contracted with will help you as you work with your insurance company.

This blog is directed to the Colorado Springs area. However, it could apply to any area when there is a natural disaster — and we are seeing a lot of disasters throughout the country. If a disaster comes your way, do not be pressured in to making a decision. Take your time; do your research.


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