The Olympics is this Friday! Be on the lookout for opportunists!

Are you vying for a ticket to go to the upcoming 2012 Olympics?  Don’t be too quick to whip out that wallet!  Opportunists lurk at every turn.

Some things to avoid would be inflated prices, fake ticket-giveaways, and giving out personal information to unscrupulous individuals.  You could be very sorry.

olympics The Olympics is this Friday!  Be on the lookout for opportunists!

So, how does one make sure that they won’t be ripped off?  Research.  You have to do some form of a background check on the individual or business, which you are purchasing from, before making the purchase. Try a Google search and see if you can find the person by the address/phone number given.  If not, that might be a bad sign. If the individual or business has no history of successful sales transactions/happy customers, that might also be a bad sign.

If buying from an individual over the internet, it may be advisable to pay with a PayPal account.  That way, if you don’t receive what you ordered, at least, you have some assurance of receiving your money back.  Avoid sending money via money transfer, as there is no way to reclaim your money, once it’s sent.  Make sure you have a receipt too with address, phone number, etc.  That way, you have a means to recoup your money, if the seller does not follow through with sending you the tickets.

Buying from a company, check at and see if any complaints have been registered and how long the company’s been in existence.

Always be highly suspicious of emails/websites that promise low-cost tickets or ticket giveaways.  A lot of times, emails, such as these, are sent with the sole basis of obtaining your personal information, whether it’s email addresses, passwords, copies of licenses, social security numbers, credit/debit card information, etc.  Links to websites and attachments serve the same purpose and may include malware, which can infect your computer with a virus.

If you ever have any concerns or questions, please contact us!  We would hate to see your dreams of going to the Olympics shattered by con-artist deception.

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