Hello, You Missed Jury Duty! Don’t Worry, It’s a Scam

Jury box 150x150 Hello, You Missed Jury Duty! Dont Worry, Its a ScamWatch out! A classic scam is back in action. People across the country are receiving voicemails and text messages informing them they missed jury duty and need to pay $500 or face arrest. More than a dozen states have issued warnings about this scam, which tries to scare victims into parting with personal information.

How the Scam Works:

The scammers leave voicemails and text messges telling recipients they missed jury duty and must return the call immediately to avoid jail time. Scammers have used a variety of phone numbers with area codes originating in different states.

When the victim calls back, the scammers then ask for personal information, including social security and/or credit card numbers. With enough details, scammers can assume a person’s identity and drain his or her bank account.

Tips for Spotting This Scam:

  • As a rule, jurors are not summoned via text message or phone. The court normally communicates through mail.
  • Do not provide credit card or social security numbers to anyone claiming to represent the court system over the phone.
  • If you ever question whether you need to appear for jury duty, call your local court system to check.

More Information:

For further information about jury duty scams, read the FBI’s warning.

For more information about scams across the US and Canada, see BBB’s online scam directory.

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