Finding the Grill of My Dreams – Sort Of

download 150x150 Finding the Grill of My Dreams   Sort OfThe barbecue grill on my porch has seen better days. It’s an old Sunbeam that was acquired used some 15 or so years ago. Over time parts have been replaced, the grill repainted, the wood shelves and doors stained.

It has blown over in the wind a couple of times. The hood no longer closes completely. It has definitely seen better days.

The grill continues to start, albeit with a match.  And the grill is still more than capable of putting grill marks on steaks, turning chicken into  finger-lickin’ yumminess and charring peppers in a relatively short amount of time.

But I’ve bought into the new consumerism where anything older than 15 years must be outdated, outmoded, outlived.

It must be time for a new grill!

This is not an easy task. Do I go with the less expensive models and therefore lesser quality? Or do I splurge on the high-end  models? Do I go with stainless and cover it every time it’s not in use (which we’ve never, ever done)? Or do I comb Craigslist ads for a used grill that will more or less do just fine?

When I think I have stumbled across the grill of my dreams online in a price range that is manageable, I look for the BBB seal and I look for reviews. I don’t see the BBB seal on websites I’m looking at and I can’t find one consumer review published anywhere. I look at specifications.  Hmm, says the grill’s is 133.4 inches long, 62 inches deep and 45.59 inches high. This would make the grill almost 12 feet long by 5 feet deep by 45 inches tall. This is a perfect size for King Kong, perhaps, but not for most homeowners – and definitely not for me.

I figure the specifications can’t possibly be right. But there is no contact information anywhere online for the manufacturer. I used Twitter to inquire of one of the store’s selling this item about the accuracy of these measurements. I was referred back to the specifications page. Not what I wanted. I replied to the tweet and have not heard back. Dare I go ahead and order the grill (available online only)? Or do I keep shopping?

What would you do?

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