Pesky Robocalls from Rachel or Cardmember Services Haven’t Gone Away! LET’S CHANGE THAT!!!

If you are still receiving these calls on your home phone or cell phone, you are not alone!  A major robocalling robo call 186x300 Pesky Robocalls from Rachel or Cardmember Services Haven’t Gone Away!  LET’S CHANGE THAT!!!operation, SBN Peripherals, aka Asia Pacific, recently was barred from making these calls by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).  The record number of calls per day was quoted as being “2.4 million calls to consumers – more than 27 calls per second”.  This company, which outsourced calls to multiple companies in various countries, including Hong Kong and the Netherlands, is responsible for having made over 2.5 billion calls between “January 2008 through August 2009”.  The calls were peddling credit-card reduction plans, auto warranties, among other services.

Now that this company was ordered to desist from robocalling, why is it that the calls are still taking place?  Unfortunately, SBN Peripherals is just one of who knows how many other companies that are illegally making robocalls to consumers.  The way SBN Peripherals was caught is by consumers, who took the time to contact the FTC to make a complaint.

Stopping these companies is a long process and requires a lot of people to make complaints.  Complaints can be filed by going to or requesting a form at 888-382-1222.  When the FTC determines that laws have been abused and that the public welfare is at stake, they issue a formal complaint and then put it to a vote.

Calls from SBN Peripherals have been taking place since 2008.  The first official government action from the FTC took place on June 10, 2010.  At that point a statement was issued that SBN Peripherals was in violation of the telemarketing no call rule and contacting consumers via robocall without their consent, among other offenses.  Their assets were frozen, and a “temporary restraining order” was enacted.  On March 28, 2012, SBN Peripherals was permanently banned from telemarketing and was fined over $5.2 million.  Also, they were prohibited “from misrepresenting any good or service, from selling or otherwise benefitting from customers’ personal information, and mandated to “dispose of customers’ personal information within 30 days”.

These calls are still taking place so the FTC will continue to pursue tracking the offenders down.  Consumer complaints help in this process.  Also FTC collaboration with the phone company helps identify the number of calls on any given day.  Please, if you have any information that can help put a stop to whom is responsible for robocall violations, file a complaint!

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