You Could Lose Internet Service in July If You Don’t Take Action, FBI Warns

internet 150x150 You Could Lose Internet Service in July If You Dont Take Action, FBI WarnsIf you have a problem, your computer is already infected. And you may not know it. If you haven’t heard, DNS Changer malware enables criminals to connect you to fradulent websites and interfere with your web browsing.

(DNS stands for Domain Name System and is what we use to get our computers to communicate. Somehow it converts website names like to numbers known as “IP” or Internet Protocol addresses.)
Three months ago, the FBI obtained a court order authorizing the Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) to deploy and maintain temporary clean DNS servers. This is so victims have time to clean their computers and restore normal DNS settings. But if you haven’t taken care of it by July 9, and your computer is still impacted by DNS Changer malware, you may lose your ability to connect to the Internet. Various news reports have said “thousands” or even “hundreds of thousands” of people may be affected.

How do you know if you’re one? The FBI has identified and notified some of the victims. But just to be sure, click on the FBI’s webpage, where you can:
  • Learn About DNS Changer Malware and How it Can Affect Your Computer
  • Check Your Computer’s DNS Settings
  • Register as a Victim of the DNS Changer Malware

And remember, just because you come up clean for DNS Changer doesn’t guarantee that your computer is free of other malware. Beware of clicking on email links or opening messages from strangers. Always keep your firewalls and other security software up to date.

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