Want to See Who’s Checking Out Your Facebook Profile? Too Bad. It’s a Scam.

Heads up, Facebook users! Facebook never intends to create a way for a user to see who has viewed their profile. If an application claims to do so, do not trust it.

How the Scam Works:scam 150x150 Want to See Whos Checking Out Your Facebook Profile?  Too Bad. Its a Scam.

Apps such as “Facebook Profile Viewer” and “Profile Visitor” are sending users messages stating that Facebook has a new update enabling them to see who has viewed their profile. If you click on the given link, you are asked to allow the app to have access to your profile.

Once you allow access, the app will begin posting on your page telling others to download the app. The app also has the potential to obtain personal information from your profile.

Tips to Avoid Falling for this Scam:

  • Review all of your installed Facebook applications periodically
  • Always be cautious when allowing applications access to your profile
  • Remember that Facebook will never enable users to see who has viewed their profile; any application claiming to do so is a scam.

More Information

For Facebook’s policy on these scams, see this entry on its Q&A. For more information about scams in your area, check out BBB’s complete scam directory.

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