Verizon to Introduce New “Share Everything” Data Plan

Cue the Kumbaya and gather 10 of your data-driven, Verizon Wireless devices. Verizon has announced a complete overhaul of its billing plans, for the first time offering customers the ability to share their data allowance across several devices, reports Mashable.

Verizon’s new “Share Everything” plan, starting June 28, is designed to offer customers with unlimited calls, unlimited text, video and picture messaging and a single data allowance for up to 10 Verizon iphone black 150x150 Verizon to Introduce New Share Everything Data PlanWireless devices. The plan seems great for those who have both a smart phone and a data-driving tablet. There will no longer be a need for two separate data plans, and the worry of going over the data limit will be erased.

So what’s the cost? Verizon will charge a monthly line access charge per device, ranging from $10 for a tablet to $40 for a smartphone. Basic cell phones will be $30 a month, while Wi-Fi access devices, netbooks and notebooks will be $20 a month.

Data service will be charged at a rate starting at $50 for 1 GB per month, which can be shared across 10 devices. The rates go up as follows: 2GB for $60; 4 GB for $70; 6 GB for $80; 8 GB for $90 and 10 GB for $100, notes Computerworld.

What do you think? Are 10 GB enough for you and 10 of your Verizon Wireless devices?

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