Stealing Your Time…

We all hate it — having to take time away from work or running errands to sit and wait, and wait, and wait for a delivery or service person to show up.

On March 1, 2012 Ray Smith in the Wall Street Journal said 70 percent of people would recommend the company to a friend if it shows upon time. In contrast, 37 percent would post a complaint online if a company is two hours late.

When a company doesn’t show up during the promised delivery or service window, we can’t helService Delivery Stealing Your Time...p but feel the company doesn’t care about our time — which translates into “our lives.”

What can we do? According to Smith, calling about a delivery is generally not worth your time. Deliveries are many times handled by a separate delivery company. My feeling is the delivery company still represents the company where I spent my money, so there should be some communication and some responsiveness between the two companies.

I’ve noticed some improvement with service companies. Comcast gives you $20 off your next bill if they are late for an appointment. Plus, many of the problems can be fixed by talking with their technicians by phone.

According to Smith, more companies are also investing in software that makes scheduling a two-hour time slot easier. There is software that will help the company determine the most efficient route. It analyzes such things as speed limits, location, and the type of service to be performed.

Of course, there are those times when you are told that the service or delivery person is on his way and after four phone calls and several hours later, he shows up. Your time has been stolen. Perhaps you should have a long talk with the store manager. It could have been a fluke incident or it may be an ongoing problem the company needs to rectify to be competitive.

Competitive advantages around deliveries are coming. One company is using a mobile app so customers will be able to look up how far away a delivery is.

When you need delivery or service, be sure and find out how they perform getting to your home on time. Save yourself some time and stress.

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Carol J. Odell, is the CEO of the Better Business of Southern Colorado and has been with the BBB for twenty years. Even before her BBB life she was involved in the community as a volunteer and co-owner of a manufacturing business. She is a published author, speaker, wife, mother, and grandmother --- and enjoys all of these roles.