Happy Social Media Day!

Today we celebrate the digital revolution happening right before our eyes. From finding jobs through Twitter to rekindling old friendships on Facebook, social media impacts many of our lives. It empowerssocialnetworking4 150x150 Happy Social Media Day! people everywhere to have their voices be heard and connect from miles apart — and that’s something worth celebrating. Mashable, the creator of the day, has been celebrating ever since 2010.

The event has been declared official by 17 cities worldwide and three U.S. states. Is there an event in your area? You can follow by tracking the #smday hashtag on Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Flickr, and by connecting with fellow social media fans at a Social Media Day Meetup near you.

As all smart social media users know, protecting your identity on the Web is most important. As we celebrate this day, make sure to take the time to ensure your identity is safe across the Internet:

1)    Use strong passwords that no one can decipher, and keep it a secret.  Do not use kids, pets, or husband/wife names because someone can guess and check those easily. Also, never share your password with others. You are in control of your account; therefore you should be the only one that manages it.

2)    Take advantage of the privacy options and established safety features on social media sites. When completing an online profile, most sites will allow you to select what information is public and private. Review the settings carefully, making sure to designate as much personal information private so that only invited friends can see it.

3)    Be cautious when clicking links on social networking sites. Clicking on links or even pictures can lead to viruses, or other malicious code being installed on your computer. Always know who the information is coming from; if you are unsure, avoid clicking on it.

4)    Use a web browser with higher security. Tracking while browsing on the Internet has become an increasing concern as ID fraudsters look to gain the upper hand. Use browsers with advanced security, or install a high-security browser plug-in or do-not-track feature. Doing so will help reduce the risk of your activity being followed.

5)    Report any incidents where your information may have been breached. Most social networking sites offer an option to report suspicious activity. Do not hesitate to utilize this tool if you have concerns regarding your personal information.

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