FTC Mails Refund Checks to DVD Vending Scam Victims

As of this week, refund checks are due to fly across the country to hundredsMailboxes 150x150 FTC Mails Refund Checks to DVD Vending Scam Victims of consumers who were victimized by a scam. This one promoted a “business opportunity” with video rental machines.The Federal Trade Commission has recovered around $2.9 million, according to its press release, and 450 of the checks will exceed $2,000.
The FTC alleged in its case against American Entertainment Distributors that five companies and five individuals lured people into purchasing video rental machines with claims of high yearly earnings between $60,000 and $80,000. They also allegedly promised that you could recoup your initial investment in six to 14 months. In fact, the FTC says, all the investors lost money.

The checks will be mailed by an administrator working for the FTC. The amount of the refunds will vary depending on the amount lost by each consumer. If you lost money in this scheme and have not yet filed an FTC complaint, contact the Redress Administrator at Gilardi & Co. LLC using the following toll-free number:

1 (866) 271-9147 or visit the FTC’s refunds website. Checks must be cashed on or before August 27 of this year.

Please remember that scammers may take advantage of this opportunity to send out fake checks or to call pretending to be the FTC. Here’s the difference: the FTC will never ask you to pay money or provide sensitive information before redress checks can be cashed. In addition, if you didn’t lose money in this scam, you shouldn’t be getting a check.

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