Ford’s Historic Sync System Secures Spot in Computer History

Sync, Ford’s in-car connectivity system, has just secured a position in the Computer History Museum of Mountain View, California, reports USA Today576085 10150837650005049 1661868818 n 150x150 Ford’s Historic Sync System Secures Spot in Computer History

Working with Microsoft, Ford created Sync to connect phones and other electronic devices to their automobiles so that they could be voice controlled, enabling safe usage while driving. Sync was first launched in 2007 and is now available in their vehicles worldwide. Ford continues to strive for technological innovations, opening an independent lab in Palo Alto with the hopes of continuing their advancements in personal mobility. Executive Chairman Bill Ford has urged those in the auto, electronics, and telecommunications industries to work together to enhance vehicle safety and efficiency.

Way to go, Ford!

Note: Ford Motor Company is a BBB National Partner and a participant in BBB AUTO LINE.

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