City Manager Bans Words

What would you do if, at the end of the day, your boss presented you with a list of words that were to be banished from your vocabulary – at least while on the job? Among them: “at the end of the day,” “needless to say,” “utilize,” “leverage,” “best practices,” “synergy,” “proactive,” “skillage” and “agreeance.”

If you’ve never heard of the last two, join the club, but apparently Bill Cahill, city manager for Loveland, Colo., has heard them just often enough to add them to his list of words he has asked department heads andWords 150x150 City Manager Bans Words middle managers to avoid using on the job.

Both “skillage” and “agreeance” can be found in the Urban Dictionary online. “Skillage” refers to, yes, “skill” as in “Completing that project took real skillage.” And “agreeance” is slang as well. “Are we all in agreeance that slang is a bad thing?”

Cahill told the Loveland Reporter-Herald,  “We want our employees to communicate in plain English and in a straightforward way.”

So “between you and I” (and yes, this all-too-common but grammatically incorrect phrase is on the list), do you use any of these words or phrases?

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