Inundated with Spam? Don’t be Fooled.

Just for fun I watched my spam folder grow to more than 80 emails over the course of a few days. Obvious ones – Loans! Viagra! Singles! – were included along with a handful that were probably legitimate but landed in spam nonetheless.

Out of all these I have a few favorites. Like the one advising me about a new rate for my “policy” without explaining which policy. A minor detail I suppose. The good news?  I don’t have to wait until it expires to get the new rate! Umm, I think it’spam1 150x150 Inundated with Spam? Dont be Fooled.ll just have to wait.

Vu Duy Nam took time out of his busy schedule to let me know I’m the beneficiary of his client who died of a ghastly motor accident in China four years ago! Oh my! He wants to meet with me about transferring the funds. I guess he’s expecting that I’ll respond to his email because he didn’t leave a phone number. But the email address looks kinda fishy – – so I’m not gonna follow up after all.

Mr. Muna Eze in the Republic of Benin in West Africa (are warning bells going off yet?) emailed to urge me to send “$35 US dollars” via Western Union so he can start sending me $5,000 daily, also via Western Union, until the total reaches $1,240,000. What he doesn’t know – but you and I do – is that sending money via money wire is as good as sending hard-earned cash into a black hole.

And then there was the one from Shirley Tan teasing me with a work-from-home offer guaranteed to get me out of bed in the morning. Unfortunately, details were included in an attachment and well, I don’t open those unless I’m expecting them. Neither should you by the way. Attachments from unknown senders often harbor nasty viruses and malware that mess up your computer – or worse, your company’s entire system – big time.

Many of you are probably wondering what’s the big deal about a few emails? Don’t most people know these are scams? Many do. But many don’t – especially when they don’t end up in the spam folder. Don’t be one of the latter. Learn more about  spam and scams today!

What kind of email scams have fooled even you?

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