2012 World Choir Games- BBB Issues Warning about Ticket Scams

tickets 150x150 2012 World Choir Games  BBB Issues Warning about Ticket ScamsWith the 2012 World Choir Games just around the corner, Better Business Bureau is warning consumers to be on the alert for counterfeit memorabilia and phony tickets. The best way to ensure you are getting official gear is to buy directly from the websites, or from official vendors at the venues.  Scammers just want your credit card information and personal information in order to steal your identity or drain your bank account.

Beware of Ticket Scams

Tickets for the competitions and concerts can be an even bigger rip-off.   Beware of tickets listed on Craig’s List.  The site offers no guarantees of any kind and does not require identification of its listers. Buying in person isn’t always an improvement, as it’s gotten easier and easier for scammers to make fake tickets that look real.

In general, avoid scams by being skeptical of:

  • Offers that sound “too good to be true”
  • Pushy sales tactics
  • Poor quality of merchandise
  • Offers that require wire transfer of funds

And always check out a business first at www.bbb.org. 

For more consumer tips you can trust, visit www.bbb.org/news. To sign up to receive our Scam Alerts, visit BBB Scam Source at www.bbb.org/scam.

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