Verizon Says Unlimited Data or Discount Phone, but Not Both

iphone black 150x150 Verizon Says Unlimited Data or Discount Phone, but Not BothVerizon Wireless, the largest mobile provider in the U.S., is making changes to its service plans that means customers will have to chose between unlimited data plans and discounted phones. There was some confusion about this when a company executive told investors the unlimited data plans would not be available on the 4G network. The company spokesperson later issued a brief clarification.

Like most carriers, Verizon has subsidized the cost of phone upgrades every other year (“new in two”) when customers sign a two-year contract. Under the new plan, new customers and customers who upgrade to a discounted phone will no longer have the option of an unlimited data plan, which is currently $30 per month. Current customers with unlimited data plans can keep their plans only if they pay full price for their cellphones.

In other words, discount data or discount phone, but not both.

In response to customer demand, new shared data plans will cover more than one device (for instance, a smart phone and a tablet), similar to current shared minutes plans. For more information, see the Reuters news story.

NOTE: Verizon Wireless is a BBB National Partner

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