Still looking for your Free Burger King Vouchers?

burget 150x150 Still looking for your Free Burger King Vouchers?Unfortunately, they won’t be coming.  There was a scam on Facebook stating if you liked a specific Facebook page and invited friends to do the same, you would get free.  Snopes has verified that this offer is in fact FALSE.

BBB offers the following tips when deciphering free offers you receive digitally.

  • Check out the URL or phone number of a company before you disclose any personal or financial information for FREE at
  • Most financial institutions, utility, or other business will not communicate with you via text message. If you do not recognize the website or phone number being sent to you, don’t visit or call it;
  • Avoid e-mailing and texting personal and financial information. If you have determined the website to be legitimate and do decide to submit financial information, look for the “lock” icon on the browser’s status bar. It signals that your information is secure during transmission;
  • Review your credit card and bank account statements as soon as you receive them to determine whether there are any unauthorized charges. If your statement is late by more than a couple of days, call your credit card company or bank to confirm your billing address and account balances.


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