Free Ray-Bans and TOMS Shoes? Not So Fast

The scammers are at it again! This time targeting the popular Ray-Bans sunglasses and TOMS shoes brands, reports Naked Security.

Users all over Facebook, myself included, have fallen for the free giveaway scam. If you click on the links,facebook 150x150 Free Ray Bans and TOMS Shoes? Not So Fast you will be taken to pages which try to trick you into sharing the link further amongst your Facebook friends. Don’t let your excitement over these freebies outweigh your common sense.

The next time you find yourself scrolling through your Newsfeed, make sure to avoid posts like these:

“Get a Free Pair of Ray-Bans! (limited time only)! Current Limited offer. To Celebrate the Summer, We are Giving Away Free Ray-Bans to All Facebook Users!”

“Get a Free Pair of Toms Shoes! (Limited Time Only)! Current Limited Offer. To Celebrate the Summer, Toms is currently giving away FREE pairs of shows to select Facebook users for a limited time!”

Make sure you also take the time to actually read these messages. By noticing their word usage, their punctuation, and their spelling and grammar, you can say with confidence, “Ah, ha! Nice try, scammers. I thought you were trying to give away shoes not ‘shows.'”

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