The “test and keep the new iPad 3!” text is a scam

As with any new tech gadget, scammers are attempting to trick consumers into revealing personal information by teasing them with the opportunity to test and then keep the new iPad.

Here is a photo of a text one of the BBB staffers received:

ipad3 scam The test and keep the new iPad 3! text is a scam

There are a couple of red flags that help identify this as a scam:

1. The grammar and capitalization of some of the words is completely wrong. For example: the “T” and “K” from “Test and Keep” are capitalized and the two words “go to” run together.

2. The new iPad is called just that, the new iPad. Referring to it as the New iPad 3 is incorrect.

3. And lastly, the web address has no mention of Apple or Mac, or anything related to this brand.

BBB wants to remind consumers to ignore and delete any text message referencing the new iPad or any similar messages. These texts, commonly referred to as smishing text messages, can be misleading and even quite confusing, especially when they use the names of companies we know and trust.

If you are questioning a text that appears to come from a well-known company, call the company directly before clicking on any links provided in the text. Or you can contact your local BBB.

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