Prescription Drug Scams

pills 150x150 Prescription Drug ScamsPrescription drugs…it can be a complicated and overwhelming process.  Who has the best prices?  Sometimes it seems the best prices are on the internet.  However, that’s also where scammers find their victims. These scams are dangerous both financially and physically.  Some scammers are in it purely to steal your money – end of story.  Other scammers are out for your money too, but may sell you an unsafe product which could cause serious physical harm. .   Whenever you purchase anything online, especially medications, be sure to take extra precautions.  Make sure you’re dealing with a website you can trust by checking with your BBB.  Scammers are really good at making fraudulent websites look legitimate.  Do your homework first to save you headaches later.  Contact your BBB for more information to protect yourself!

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