New Phishing Scam Contains Fake US Airways Itinerary

plane in flight 150x150 New Phishing Scam Contains Fake US Airways ItineraryThere’s a new phishing scam flooding email inboxes; this time it’s an itinerary for a fake US Airways flight.

The scam involves an email containing a phony itinerary for a flight reservation the recipient never actually made. The email contains a link to “check-in” online for the flight, a fake confirmation code, and flight details. The phishing scam is deceiving because it looks authentic, even including the US Airways logo.

US Airways reminds customers that official emails often include personal information such as their name and Dividend Miles number. However their Web Check-in emails will not contain a name, but will have a valid confirmation code that will either be alphanumeric or all letters.

If you receive the email:
• Check any links by hovering your mouse pointer over the link to identify the URL. A legitimate link will have a URL with “”
• Do not click on any links or download any attachments.
• Delete the email.

See’s complete scam directory for more information about breaking scams in your area.

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