Japanese Brewery Chills Out With Soft Serve Beer

beer 150x150 Japanese Brewery Chills Out With Soft Serve BeerIf I told you I was going to start my weekend by opening a beer, and then plopping some soft-serve ice cream on top, you’d probably think I was nuts. But that’s what Japanese beer company Kirin is doing. Only in a more sophisticated way, using a blast freezer. And it’s really beer cream, not ice cream.

How it works: Take regular Ichiban beer (that means number one, by the way). Freeze it to 23 degrees Fahrenheit, and make a lot of bubbles by blowing air into it.

Why: Once the topping is placed onto regular temperature beer it acts as an insulating lid, keeping the drink cold for 30 minutes. Bonus: it doesn’t dilute the beer as it melts, like ice would.

According to Gizmag.com, Kirin is currently previewing the “Ichiban Shibori Frozen Draft” in Tokyo, but plans to share with the rest of Japan in May. No word yet on when it will hit American shores, but there is a Kirin brewery located in Torrence, California.

What do you think: Is this a great idea or a ridiculous notion?

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