How to Block Unwanted Text Spam

cellphone 150x150 How to Block Unwanted Text SpamHave you been receiving spam text messages? Here are some tips to combat them courtesy of The New York Times.

  • Report the spam to your carrier free of charge by copying the text and sending it to SPAM (7726). This service is available for AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon customers.
  • Download spam-blocking apps for your Android device such as Mr. Number, Call Blocker, Anti-SMS Spam, and SMS Filter.
  • AT&T members can pay $4.99 per month to subscribe to the Smart Limits for Wireless program which helps customers selectively control text messages. Customers can block up to 30 numbers and designate how many text messages can be sent.
  • Sprint customers have many options when it comes to blocking text spam. By texting commands to 9999, they can block all messages from specific email addresses, senders who use numeric short codes, and particular internet domains.
  • For T-Mobile users, all text messages can be blocked at no charge, but they cannot block texts from specific senders except for spammers who use PCs to send the messages.
  • Verizon members can use the company’s Spam Controls tools found on its website to block unwanted messages. Up to 15 e-mail addresses and internet domains can be blocked. Keep in mind that after 90 these will be unblocked, but can be reinstated.

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