Duct Tape Your Prom Dress: Win $5,000

prom couple 150x150 Duct Tape Your Prom Dress: Win $5,000Would you wear an outfit made from balloons? How about candy wrappers or zippers? One Ukrainian pastry chef created his bride’s wedding gown entirely from cream puffs and caramelized sugar! 

Given the wacky ideas above, it doesn’t seem so totally crazy that kids are making their prom costumes out of duct tape. After all, the Stuck at Prom contest has been running for the past twelve years. Given the fact that the average family will reportedly spend over $1,000 on prom this spring…hey, duct tape is sounding better all the time.

Do you know a teen with a creative bent? If they attend a school-sanctioned prom in Canada or most U.S. states, they could win scholarships of up to $5,000 from Duck® brand duct tape.

The 2012 contest runs through June 13. Cash awards range from $500 for the top ten couples to $5,000 each for the grand prize winners. You have to be at least 14. Click here for contest entry rules and to see winners’ photos. They’re pretty fun to scroll through.

Some words of warning from www.ehow.com: When creating duct tape clothing: 

  • Take very accurate measurements because duct tape does not stretch.
  • Remember, duct tape is sticky and inflexible. If worn without a cloth backing, it might cause sweating or skin irritation.

And, I would add: don’t forget that at some point, you’re going to have to go to the bathroom…

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