Do You Clip Groupons?

groupon 150x150 Do You Clip Groupons?This morning I got an email offering me a deal. For $20, I can get $40 worth of pizza from a local company. Why did I get this email? For once, it’s not spam or a scam. I signed up for a free discount service here in Spokane that offers e-coupons to its members.

It’s a micro-version of Groupon. The Chicago-based company is BBB-Accredited and has currently earned an A rating.

Groupon has been on my mind lately, because my friends have been talking about it. One said she just gotten a half-off deal at her favorite writing retreat, a ranch in North Idaho. The lady who runs the ranch said that since offering this Groupon she’s been flooded with calls. The offer is good for a limited time only.

Another friend, a merchant, was upset with Groupon because twice now, instead of paying him, they’ve sent him a letter saying their computer is malfunctioning and the payment will be delayed by a week.

A third friend said she’d used part of a Groupon at a hair salon. She still had money left and wanted to ask for a different stylist. Unfortunately the stylist she didn’t care for was the owner. Awkward…

My understanding of how the service works:

For customers, it’s pretty simple. Log on to Groupon’s website to get the “deal of the day” or sign up to become a member and they’ll email you for free.

In order to be able to use Groupon, it has to be available in the city where you live. If you’ve purchased or been given a Groupon, how was it? Or, do you have a local deal service like Groupon?

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