Denver Broncos’ Only Constant is Change

20120309  Peyton3p1 150x150 Denver Broncos’ Only Constant is ChangeAnd people are noticing!  Last week, the football club, (A+ rating, BBB Accredited since 1984) announced that they have begun the transition to Peyton Manning’s famous no-huddle QB-read offense.  Yesterday, two big announcements were made, all pro safety Brian Dawkins, made his retirement official.  Additionally, the Denver Business Journal, (BBB Accredited, A+ rating,) and The Denver Post, (BBB Accredited, A+ Rating,) reported that  the Donkeys had traded their playbooks for I-Pads equipped with a special playbook application.

Of course I like the switch to Manning’s no huddle.  The team could have saved 35 million dollars over the next two years by keeping Tebow’s triple option intact.  And why not?  Tebow won 7 regular-season games and one post-season game last year.

The why not should be obvious: Denver Broncos majority owner Pat Bowlen cares about Super Bowls, not payroll.  And memory recall problems or no memory recall problems, there is no argument that a man who alienated, then eschewed a QB who has sold more jerseys than any player in football history, for a 91 million dollar gamble on a hall-of-famer with neck problems, wants anything but a championship ring.    This blog seems like a great platform to congratulate the accredited business owner behind the biggest NFL free agent acquisition in history; Bravo Sir.

As for Brian Dawkins, you’ve had a great run in Denver.  I’m the son of a diehard Eagles fan, who won’t let me forget that you are essentially on loan, but I love the intensity you bring to the field.  I also love that you knew when it was time to hang it up.  Denver fans know better than anyone that there is literally NOTHING worse than an aged, all-pro safety attempting to lock down deep routes by wielding his frightening reputation, (Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa-John Lynch-Chooooooooooo.)

Finally, the Broncos’ stated that the $900 cost of their new I-Pads will be offset by a decrease in printing costs; last year the team printed over 10,000 pages related to play calling.  Only two other teams use a tablet instead of a tome, the Ravens and the Buccaneers.

Apple has been wildly successful with its I-Pad, a device that seamlessly merges genius and technology.  It is fair to infer that starting this fall, the seamless merging of genius, (Peyton Manning,) and technology, (I-Pad playbook,) will take place on the football field.  I’m not going to make any brash predictions, but is it possible that a Manning, Jobs, Better Business Bureau, collaboration will bring the Lombardi Trophy to Denver in 2013?

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