Crash-Test Dummies Take a Safety Bike Ride

With bike transportation on the rise, and more and more cities offering “bike sharing” services, it’s about time bike safety went under crash-test dummy scrutiny. The dummy, a project of engineering students at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario, is the first of its kind, and could reveal some very interesting data about what happens to cyclists’ bodies when they hit the pavement, according to The Atlantic. senior couple 150x150 Crash Test Dummies Take a Safety Bike Ride

While many of us, myself included, have a tendency to not think we “need” a helmet, it will be interesting to see what the Carleton University project’s data will conclude. I’d have to believe that forgoing the helmet to preserve the “stylish” hairdo won’t be on the list of findings.

Bike riders deserve to be taken seriously as they commute alongside their fellow travelers on the roadways, and a scientific, bike-specific dummy might just be the thing we need to help make that case.

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