CDC Distributor Market Research Scam

If you’re looking for an easy way to increase your income, please be wary of the job offers to become a secret shopper for CDC Distributor Market Research, Inc.  BBB warns that this is nothing but a check scam.  According to consumer complaints, those behind check 300x199 CDC Distributor Market Research Scamthe scam have been sending out checks nationwide to unwitting consumers, tempting them with the opportunity to become a secret shopper.  Secret Shopping is a legitimate way to earn income, but only through reputable companies.  In recent years, scammers have used secret shopping job offers as a lure to recruit consumers into becoming money mules.

This is how the scam works:  CDC Distributor Market Research, Inc prints off thousands of fake checks and sends them out to anyone they can with the job offer to become a secret shopper.  The consumer cashes the check at his or her bank.  Then the representative of the business instructs them to wire the funds to another person as part of their job assignment and to keep a portion of the funds as part of their compensation.  What ends up happening is that the check is actually fake, and when the consumer’s bank realizes this, they withdraw the amount of the check out of the consumer’s bank account.  This could take weeks or months to happen, leaving the scammers plenty of time to disappear.  The consumers are left with overdrawn bank accounts and banking fees.

One consumer from Columbus, OH has already fallen victim to this scam.  According to his complaint, he wired $1800 dollars to the scammers and now his bank account is overdrawn.  He has to pay back $1800 that he doesn’t have.

CDC Distributor Market Research Inc is not only stealing funds, they even stole their business name.  A local business in Cincinnati that offers floor covering and installation has the name, CDC Distributors, Inc.  BBB alerted this business weeks ago that their name was being used in a check scam.  Thankfully, CDC Distributors, Inc., was aware and had been in contact with the FBI and their bank.  Many times scammers will use the name of legitimate businesses to piggy back off their good reputation.  Always check the BBB at to make sure the company you are dealing with is really who they say they are.

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