A New Breed of TV

A while back my daughter dropped in to an empty house to find the TV left on and Bella, our golden retriever wannabe, sitting on the sofa watching – intently! – an afternoon soap opera.

It wasn’t the first time one of our dogs showed interest in watching TV. And apparently it is not a unique situation – otherwise there would be no need for DogTV. Yes, it’s true. A cable channel designed just for Bowser, Rufus and yes, Bella.Remote and TV 150x150 A New Breed of TV

One million cable subscribers in San Diego are serving as beta testers and DogTV is is doing so well that parent company PTV Media plans to offer it nationally in the next several months. Cost? About $4.99 a month.

The target audience –aside from dogs, of course – are pet owners who must be away eight or more hours a day to earn enough to bring home the (dog) chow. But animal shelters and boarding facilities are seeing possibilities as well.

According to a report  in Huffington Post, animal shelters are interested in bringing in DogTV to help relax and calm high-energy.

Will you subscribe to DogTV when it becomes available in your area?

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