Tornado Aftermath

Tornado 150x150 Tornado AftermathAs many of you already know, the storms that came through our service area caused great destruction. Many families lost everything including the lives of loved ones. This past Saturday I helped a friend clean-up his brother-in-law’s pasture. Dave’s house and barn were completely destroyed. In fact, the house had to be torn down and set on fire to help start the clean up. His pasture had to be cleaned of all the debris because he needed to bring back his cows so they could eat the grasses. Cows are not very bright. They will eat almost anything; therefore, the field had to be clear of big and little pieces of their house and barn.

The task of clearing 110 acres was made easier by all the volunteers that came out to help. Not just to Dave’s farm but to at least 3 or 4 other farms. There were perhaps 60 to 75 people helping at Dave’s farm. Some were family, some were friends, and many were strangers wanting to help them get back on their feet.

Around noon cars and vans arrived. Local churches and civic groups provided food and drink for all of the volunteers, a way of thanking them for helping their community.

We live in a time of contention. Civil discourse no longer exists; we are more apart than we are together. But for a day, people came together and helped others who needed help. They came together not because they could gain something from it, they came because they knew it was the right thing to do. They held out their hand to help strangers get back on their feet. Kindness like the crocus, made a brief spring time appearance.

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