Schools Encourage Diligence

A coalition of Spokane Valley schools, parents, businesses, and the faith-based community (PACE)  is encouraging kids to practice good character all year round. This month’s Character Trait is Diligence.children online 150x150 Schools Encourage Diligence

Just for fun, I asked a few friends what the word means. My journalist buddy said that if you didn’t do your homework, or “due diligence” your story could be tossed out as half-baked. My husband said it means “to persevere.” A Catholic pal told me that diligence is one of the Seven Virtues (as opposed to the seven deadly sins, I think.) And my classmate the former English teacher told me that “a diligence” is a stagecoach which gets you there, no matter what.

“Being in a civilized country of stage-coaches,” wrote Robert Louis Stevenson in 1879, “I determined to sell my [donkey] friend and be off by the diligence that afternoon.”

Whether you’re practicing diligence at work, at home, on a journey through France, as Stevenson was, or anywhere else, good for you. It is easy to be tempted to give up when the going gets tough, but only those who persevere will succeed.

Several non-profit organizations have celebrated their 100 year mark so far in 2012, including the Girl Scouts of America, Catholic Charities of Spokane, and the Better Business Bureau. Without the diligence of our early pioneers, we would not be around today.

The Spokane BBB’s President & CEO sits on the Board of the Partners Advancing Character Education (PACE) coalition described above. Find out if your local BBB has an Education Foundation or other group that supports and provides programs for ethics outreach.

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